30 potential health benefits of Chaga

drinking chaga tea outdoor

Because of its amazing properties as a health elixir and tonic, the Chaga mushroom has been used by Nordic people for centuries.

Nowadays, we know that this awesome fungus is probably the most potent antioxidant of all. Drinking Chaga tea regularly observes a considerable increase in physical and mental capacity, a deep, restful sleep, and healthy digestion.

In particular, the immune system’s ability to fight many common diseases is greatly increased. The Chaga fungus gently leads the human body to achieve a natural and healthy balance.

The list of advantages is not total, but it shows that the fungus gives broad spectrum protection and helps without side effects.

The 30 main benefits of Chaga are:

  1. Strengthens the immune system 
  2. Slows down the aging process 
  3. Improves brain function 
  4. Lowers high blood pressure 
  5. Has anti-inflammatory effects 
  6. Relieves stress and anxiety 
  7. Fights chronic fatigue 
  8. Prevents allergies
  9. Fights viruses 
  10. Relieves pain 
  11. Lowers elevated blood sugar 
  12. Protects cells throughout the body from free radical damage 
  13. Increases the energy and strength 
  14. Improves blood circulation throughout the body 
  15. Improves thyroid health 
  16. Provides the body with vitamins, minerals, and rare antioxidants 
  17. Reduces gingivitis 
  18. Improves memory and concentration 
  19. Lowers high cholesterol levels 
  20. Inhibits tumor growth 
  21. Reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation 
  22. Helps detoxify the skin, blood, liver, small and large intestines, kidneys and bladder 
  23. Eliminates yeast fungi in the intestine (Candida) 
  24. Cleans the body of chemicals and heavy metals 
  25. Works as an antibacterial (natural antibiotic) 
  26. Helps to stop diarrhea 
  27. Increases physical and mental stress tolerance
  28. Purifies the lymphatic system 
  29. Promotes a healthy intestinal flora 
  30. Leads to a deep, restful sleep

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